Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blackshot Hack New Updated Jan 2013

Releasing the new blackshot with the Bypass (GameGuard) Took Me 2 weeks to make the bypass
So yes My main website got closed due to personal issues
I will be releasings own private hacks the next month or so , until then u can use this free one will work until the next game guard update 
I made it private But this bugger posted in the BLACKSHOT ABUSE section so no point so am releasing it for free 
The proof that its working :) 

Here Is What All Files U need To Get The Hack Working -Netframe Work 3.5sp1 ( Download link's Provided )
Download This it will download a 2mb file after that it will download more when installing 

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

 without Directx the file wont work any any cause install them


Another One is Visual C++ 2008 (Download Link Provided )

Download These And Install All Of These After That Comes Where To Put The Game Cheat Files 
Cheat Files Are Give Here Files Provide In The RAR
move your arrow keys up & down to select chams or wallhack
right & left key to on and off the hacks
when in game press insert key to hide the hacks

Download Link For The Hack -